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Lori Rook’s Commitment to Missouri

Lori has never run for office before and doesn’t consider herself a politician. She is an innovator and protector who is running for Treasurer to defend our seniors against financial scams, teach our children about finance, invest more in our neighbors and not our enemies, and to maximize Missouri’s investments - not political correctness. 

Protecting Seniors and Teaching Our Children

Lori believes strongly that the state’s Treasurer’s office should aggressively go after financial scammers and help provide advice to senior citizens to keep their money safe. She will also partner with local law enforcement agencies to help educate officers to spot common and new schemes targeting seniors.  


She also believes that financial literacy should be a priority in our high schools. As Treasurer, she plans to modernize financial education by including topics like cryptocurrency, credit scoring, and financial data protection. By doing so, she aims to empower our youth to make informed financial decisions and prepare them for the future.

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Invest in Our Neighbors, Not Our Enemies

With over $6 billion invested in markets at any time, Lori strongly opposes investments to terrorist states. Lori is passionate about investing in Missouri companies, buying Missouri products, and supporting Missouri industries. She strongly opposes investments to terrorist states like China and Mexico, who continue to wage war against the United States and profit off deadly fentanyl. 


Lori believes that our money should be reinvested in our state, and she plans to create incentives for companies to move their manufacturing of strategic supplies from China to Missouri. By doing so, she aims to strengthen the Missouri economy, maximize investment returns, and protect our citizens.

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Maximize Investment, Not Political Correctness

Lori believes that it's time to fight back against progressive activists in Washington DC and multinational investment firms that prioritize progressive social ideology over smart investments. Instead of focusing on returns on investment, these firms want to use and direct our money to their progressive social ideology. Lori would remove funds from those firms who put Missouri investments at risk by funding progressive companies and causes over smart investments.


As State Treasurer, Lori would pull funds from those firms that put Missouri investments at risk by funding progressive companies and causes. She would also be a leader in fighting against the federal government's use of progressive social credit scoring to make it harder on industries that won't submit to their radical agenda. 


Lori is also committed to protecting Missouri values and fighting back against morally bankrupt states, like New York, that boycott our state.

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