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You Deserve to Know Where Your Money is Going

My Promise to You as Missouri State Treasurer

I Will Pull Back the Curtain in Jefferson City

Politicians are spending our tax dollars in back-door deals that only benefit lobbyists and special interest groups. I will make all Missouri spending easily visible to you on a new website,, so you can speak up and make an educated vote.

I Will Call Out Hidden Spending

The current state budget has been used to fund hidden agendas and woke lobbyists. I will make this immediately visible so that you can call out your conservative leaders who have been lying to you.

I Will Protect Our Elderly From Scammers

Our state is not doing enough to protect the elderly against financial scammers. Using my experience as an Elder Law attorney, I will lead a program that teaches families how to protect their aging loved ones against phone and internet scams.

I Will Promote Financial Literacy for Our Children

Our next generation is on the fast track to financial doom. Credit card debt and predatory lending are at an all-time high, and we aren't doing anything to stop it. I will launch a program to teach students across our state how to avoid this rut.   

I Will Ensure We Are Not Investing in Foreign Enemies

Missouri money has been used to invest in China and other foreign adversaries. This is due to weak leaders who can't say no to the lobbyists. I will make all investments visible and ensure every dollar is invested in safe American companies.

I Will Never Be Bought and Paid For

The swamp in Missouri gets deeper every election because politicians have to pay back the favors owed for large campaign donations. I am a self-funded outsider with zero hidden agendas, and I will always fight for you without reservation. 

What I Believe

With so much responsibility at stake, I believe it is important that you know who I am, and the values that I stand for. 

I am 100% 
Pro Life

I believe life is precious, begins at conception, and should be protected at all costs.

We Must Protect

Eminent domain is theft, and I believe it should be heavily limited. 

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

We Must Reduce
Taxes of All Kinds

Property taxes are out of control and they need to be eliminated.

I am a Real

I am a true conservative and stand for traditional family values. 

We Must  Do Better for our Veterans

We must improve care for all veterans and provide better support for those facing PTSD.

We must fight drugs harder. 

We aren't doing enough to eliminating the side door for Fentanyl to flood our state.

I Believe in Limited Government

I believe we should very much limit the power of the government.

We must protect our farmers

It's time to eliminate the foreign entities that are stealing funds intended for our farmers. 

I Am Pro 2nd

We should protect what our forefathers fought for at all costs.

The Job of the Treasurer and Why I am Qualified

The Missouri State Treasurer is essentially the Chief Financial Officer for our state.


This includes many important responsibilities:


  • Protecting taxpayer funds from fraud and abuse

  • Safeguarding over $1 Billion in unclaimed property

  • Managing small business and agriculture economic development programs

  • Administering our state's tax-advantaged education and disability savings plans.

  • Serving on many important boards that help direct taxpayer funds

Experience as a Business Owner

My husband and I have built multiple businesses over the last twenty years. This includes my current law firm, Ozarks Elder Law, where I help protect our aging population from abuse and help families be proactive in their financial planning.
With dozens of employees and nine locations across Southwest Missouri, I understand the importance of budgeting, auditing, and managing finances in order for an organization to run properly.

I also understand the importance of holding dollars accountable.

I believe you, as a shareholder of our state, deserve the utmost visibility in where our state's money is going so that you can hold your elected officials accountable.

Experience as an Attorney

Having paid my own way through law school and working in multiple areas of law, I understand how to navigate the complex legal system of Missouri. 

Early in my career, I worked in civil litigation but soon found my true passion in law: planning ahead and serving the aging population.  

I am face to face with financial abuse every day, and I have an extreme passion for helping every person understand their rights and avoid being taken advantage of.  


That is the same passion I will bring to our state.

Because you deserve to know!

Experience as a Mom and Wife

I am, first and foremost, a wife and a mother.

I fell in love with my husband Ryan while he was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. This experience gave me an entirely different level of respect for what our veterans and their families face. I will make our Veterans an unwavering priority as I serve our state.

As a mom of three beautiful children, I have a front-row seat to what their generation is facing; radical left education agendas, crippling debt, loss of earning potential, record-high drug abuse, and suicide. 

We must return conservative values back to our leadership to lead our families out of turmoil and toward mental, physical, and financial health. 

Experience as a Community Leader

As a business owner, real estate developer, attorney, mom, and church member, I have served on dozens of boards and civic causes. You can click here to see a full list of boards and causes I have served.

I have seen what can happen when people work together, but I have also seen the danger of people being left in the dark.

Success in our state all starts with us being able to see the same things; where our money is going, who is benefitting, and what our politicians are actually doing behind closed doors. 

Join me in the fight to bring transparency back to our most foundational cause of all; The State of Missouri. 

Vote For Lori Rook on August 6th

Because YOU deserve to know!

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